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Pablo is many things, including performer, poet, wildishly fannish, sometimes scholar/always student, agitator, bard-magus, and much more. A true lover of Freedom and Passion, Pablo champions love and unity, liberty and danger, creativity and aesthetics. They're a cinephile, DC Comics enthusiast, voracious reader, and avid gamer (tabletop/video). Pablo spends their time traversing various underground and subcultural communities, ranging from magical lodges and mystic circles, unsanctioned parties and kink events to Underground Rap and radical bookstores to, of course, Science-Fiction and Fantasy fandom.

News: Dr. Chuck Tingle’s 2017 State of the Buck Address

The following is Dr. Chuck Tingle’s (World’s Greatest Author) State of the Buck Address, delivered by yours truly on his behalf at Arisia 2017. Enjoy the wisdom and thanks to the eternal Dr. Chuck Tingle, constantly helping us find ourselves … Continue reading

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Report: Arisia 2016

Or, as you’ll quickly note, my best convention experience ever. Let me start off by saying that I’m generally exceedingly critical of conventions. I’ve worked, performed, spoken at, and attended more conventions than I’d like to actually declare, so it’s … Continue reading

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